Monday, May 23, 2011

This, I Love

I got the summer issue of the Pottery Barn Bed and Bath catalog in the mail the other day and fell. Hard. There are so many pretty and aspirational things in there that I am already drawing inspiration from. Here are the things that I loved:

The Blue Beach-Glass Bath Accessories Set. They are so pretty and I think they'd pair really well with this shower curtain I got and put up a few months back.

Although these little guys range in price from $14-$25, getting one of each will set you back $74 not including s&h and tax.... yikes! So, here's what I'm thinking, if you follow Young House Love you'll remember the "ugly" glass light fixture Sherrie "fixed" by giving it a spray of frosted blue paint on the underside. My idea is to find a few inexpensive simple clear glass accessories like the ones above and do the same thing. It may not work, since it'd be difficult to get an even spray in the narrow openings of these bath accessories but it couldn't hurt to try. Another idea would be to use a sea-glass colored chalk paint for that same chalky color. If these attempts fail, or if I choose not to try them, I suppose I could always just wait for a sale and buckle down and buy them.

Another thing I'm loving is the Cynthia Storage Bed. All those drawers would be wonderful for Ella someday.

I am also loving these bedside tables in Antique Blue. I'm pretty sure it's the color that got me though. I'm pretty much obcessed with any variation of this shade right now!

I saw a decorative bust used as a necklace holder on a blog somewhere recently, and I thought 'what a neat idea!' Now I see PB has they're own version.

Apparently, me and PB think alike. Look what they decided should be used dually, as both a desk and vanity. I take this as confirmation that my idea to use this vanity as a desk was a-okay.

This wicker storage trunk reminds me of Ella's!

I am in love, love, love with these shams. Unfortunately I don't think they'd fly with my 'no-fuss' mister.

Ticking stripes? Yes, please!

I am thinking this chair may be the answer to the vanity-desk I am adoring.

I know this list felt like it went on forever, but in all fairness I did warn you that I fell hard for this issue, right? : ) 

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  1. I found you this morning. I realize this was a while ago but if you are still looking for an inexpensive alternative to the blue glass bathroom accessories perhaps vintage blue canning jars would do the trick. They often have a glass top like a stopper but flat with a wire thingy that holds them into place. Here is a link so you can see a picture of what I mean. clk_rvr_id=24795366016


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