Monday, May 16, 2011

(A Little Bit of) Marc Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Usually, I am not fully awake at 5:52 am on a Monday (which is when I got up), but this Monday is special. It's my 25th birthday and I get to go shopping for clothes tonight, just me and the Mister, which is a very big deal around here. To lighten the mood for you M-F peeps heres a little does of MARC by Marc Jacobs to get you going for your week. Enjoy!!!!

"Colette" Flower Dress

"Bella" High-Waisted Striped Skirt

"Josephine" Sparkle Dot Top

"Schooner" Striped Jersey Shirt

Bow Ballet Flats

Mouse Ballet Flats

"Carmen" Silk Jacquard Top

"Isadore"Interlock Dress

"Andersen" Stripped Jersey Tee

Sometimes I see these pretty clothes and I wonder, are these clothes really as pretty as they seem? Or do they only look good because the model wearing them is about as thin as a clothes hanger?? Sigh. Another one of life's questions...

All images found here

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