Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Maybe I'm Getting Old...

Yesterday the Mister took me shopping for my birthday which was a lot of fun (for me)! The last time that happened was about 4 years ago, that's how much he loves shopping. Now maybe I'm getting old, but the store that appealed to me most? Gap. As a kid, Gap was cool. As a teenager and young adult... gap was boring. As a 25 year old mom of a one year old? Gap is AMAZING! I swear Gap was made for moms. At Gap I am a size 2 again, and everything fits and looks fabulous... umm hello, that happens no where!

I'm a pretty frugal gal, but I was so in awe of everything I selected to take home that I even paid full price for a pair of jeans without even thinking to remember that I could just write down the info on them and wait until Gap had an online sale. (Which seems to happen like every other week!) I did however ask the salesgirl if there were any deals going on, but I was out of luck.

The other place I found some staples at was Gap's cheap cousin, Old Navy. And me being me, I had checked the internet for any coupons I could find to both places before we left and signed up for the Old Navy newsletter which resulted in a coupon for $10 off of $50. Since everything I found there was either on sale or marked down, I ended up with $60 worth of clothes which came to $50 with that handy coupon, and for that $50 I got 5 pieces of clothing... I'm still in shock. I'm happy I went there first because it prevented me from spending wayyyyy more at Gap and trying on way too many pieces at way too many stores. This, I believe, is another sign I'm getting old; I kind of just want to get in, get out, and be done with it!

It was so awesome having the Mister there with me to say yay or nay. As a wife, I try to dress for him, so his opinion is definitely as important as mine, providing I am comfortable in the garment. Anyway, in case you're curious, here's a sampling of what I found and fell in love with:

I got this dress, which online is $34.50 but in store was only $19.99. There was only one left in this color and was an extra small which was a little snug around the bust, but other than that fit perfectly thanks to the a-line silhouette.

These are the full-priced beauties I snagged, which although I am petite, am able to get the ankle length regular jeans from Gap which have the same inseam as their petite jeans. (All of gap's regular jeans come in in ankle, regular, or long in addition to their petite and tall sizes!)

I also got two of this shirt, (which were on special @ 2 for $35) one in Balsalm Tree, and one in Equinox Blue. The collar, sleeve, and bottom hems all have a sprayed painted white effect on them which adds to the casualness of this thin summer tee. The green in a gorgeous color and would be great without the white sprayed on it, but for me the paint is kind of sentimental as it reminds me of the mister's painting tees!

All in all it was a great trip and it was so awesome to get out of town and have some time alone with the Mister while the bug stayed with his parents (Thanks guys!).

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