Friday, May 6, 2011

The Master Boudoir

So... I was playing around making mood boards, trying to see what our room would look like with this juniper silk I bought mixed in with mirrored (fav!) nightstands and a bed that is very similar to ours.

For reference, here's a shot of the actual fabric I bought about 3 months ago:

It's real dupioni silk and was only $4.50/ yard after markdown to $9/yard and then an additional 50% off. Needless to say I bought it all (7.875 yards), I just hope it's enough. The plans are to create drapes for our windows (maybe french-pleated?) which we will line in blackout fabric, and 3 euro shams to go on the bed.

 This is what I came up with the night before last:
I love those pendant lights! They are from West Elm and are pretty reasonably priced at $189 for a set of 2. They are 11" in diameter, which may be a tad small for our room though.

The bench is just there for wishful thinking as the way our room is situated now, it may be too narrow a walkway if we placed one at the foot of the bed. Ideally, I'd like a storage bench though to stash extra blankets and the throw pillows while we're sleeping. Maybe we'll just suck it up and place the bed angainst the (lone) window so that we can have a better flow and use of our space in there.

Here is what I came up with last night, including a PB bed that is more similiar to ours (which we got at good ol' Costco a few years ago) in that it is only sleighed at the head of the bed, as well as a gray painted background!

In this one, I replaced my side's nightstand with the Pier 1 Hayworth Vanity that I would use double duty as not only an impromptu nightstand, but also my desk. Notice the inspiration board above it? It would be for tacking on all my tears and fabric samples.

I also replaced the pendant globes with this chandelier from Pottery Barn. It is rustic and glam at the same time, and ties in the dark wood of the bed and the glitz of the mirrored furniture nicely.

The patterned chair from both boards would serve as my desk chair. And see that gorg sea glass-colored dresser in the bottom board? I threw that in to serve as a placer for the built in dresser that the Mister built years ago. It is currently a natural wood tone but we have considered painting it and even though I know I'd be a long shot to painting it this color, I think it'd look amazing and would make me love it so much I'd probably pet it daily or at the very least, dust it more often.


  1. I like the cool tone colors....very relaxing!

  2. Thanks! I wanted a soothing color scheme for the bedroom, something that makes me feel relaxed!


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