Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Land of Nod On The Cheap

Seriously. Every time I get that Land of Nod catalog in the mail now, it is bittersweet. Land of Nod has some really clever, well made stuff but man do their prices make me nauseous. Usually the catalog will stay in the unread mail pile for a few days before I get the balls to peruse it. This time around not only did I find some great stuff for the bug, but a lot of it was affordable. As in, under 50 dollars affordable. Score! Here's the round-up of what I found:

$49 may sound a little steep for a single woven basket, but this basket holds so much, is pliable and versatile. Not only could it go on an open self changing table and hold diapers, wipes and pajamas, but I can also see it as a great place to store your child's books in a cute little reading nook or corner or under your coffee table in the living room holding this month's magazines in easy, streamlined way or as a place to quickly clean up all and hide all the toys that somehow made the trek from their bedroom to the family room.

Purple Ikat

Grey Stripped

Tip: Use a stylish fitted crib sheet to get the most bang for your buck in the nursery. Not only are crib bumpers expensive, but they are considered unsafe and not recommended. At $24 you get a lot of visual impact for less than you'd spend dressing up other areas of the nursery.

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