Thursday, July 28, 2011

Florals in the Kitsch-en

Hi peeps! How are you all this glorious afternoon? I have been craving a mood board for my new dinning set complete with floral patterned draperies. Alas, instead I have created a compilation of photos!

 I just came across a lovely photo of a breakfast nook that belongs to Lauren of Pure Style Home via Alison of My Little Happy Place. How gorgeous is that floral wallpaper?

Personally, I've been dreaming of floral draperies and couldn't figure out a good spot for them until recently. Although I've purchased fabric for some of the windows in our home, none of them have drapery yet... It's about time to dress our windows and I would love some dreamy florals in my off-kitchen dining.

Here are some inspiration shots of florals in the off-kitchen dining area for you all:

Lauren Leiss' kitchen nook
photo by Helen Norman

not a dining area- i know, but how beautiful is the contrast between the stark white walls, wood floors, and blue and pink in the drapery?

switch out those stools for an impromptu dining/ library area
mixed-use areas are a necessity for small living spaces!


Yesterday I realized that Ella's hair was probably just long enough to fit into pigtails:

Too cute right?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Living Room

This is pretty much what our living room looks like right now:

minus the pink ikat pillows, brass table and lamp, and the white armoire.
I found some awesome pink and brown ikat-esque fabric yesterday in a so-soft jersey cotton (L-O-V-E jersey cotton, especially for sheets!) and am going to make pillows.
Also, we have an empty space on the wall with the slider that leads to the deck that I think would be the perefct spot for an armoire to hide all our extra throws and pillows as well as board games and other living room necessities.
Keep in mind though that the couch we currently have is not permanent in any regard. As soon as we can save up the cash (and I mean cash, we live debt free with the exception of our house) for a new one we will be buying one.
So anything we buy now will need to go with we pick when we make that big purchase.
As you may already know I have my heart set on a tufted charcoal velvet apartment sized couch, which it is starting to look like, we may have to order custom or even build ourselves since none of the options we've found fit all of these requirements. If we do decide to settle, we will be able to get one sooner than we would if we were building or custom ordering, and we will probably go for the Tory Sofa.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A new, old table

This weekend we....

bought this:

sold this:

and brought home this:

We are loving our grill!
I have had grilled veggie burgers 3 nights in a row.
So far I have also grilled pinapple and onion for my burgers.

As for the tables,
it is bittersweet to see that old table go.
I have loathed it for some time, BUT I have a small sentimental attachment to it as it has been the table our little family gathers around every night.
Also, every morning (since she's been able to run) Ella runs to the the table for breakfast right after I get her up.
This morning she ran, but there was no table there.

The new, old table was my mom's. You may not be able to tell from the photo, but the table top is not solid wood.
I have plans to paint it white like Miss Mustard Seed's or a weathered gray a la Restoration Hardware,  distress it, and recover the seats.
I'd love something luxe like linen BUT
we have a one year old.
So I'm thinking we need something durable, and stain-resistant if not wipeable.
Maybe leather? Leather is usually not my thing but it's wipeable, right?

I really don't want to sacrifice my vision or style for practicality's sake, so we'll what kind of compromise we can come up with!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Good morning peeps! Today I am brainstroming ideas for a mudroom/entry/foyer, and no, it is not mine. It is a friend's who has an awesome little spot in her home that is currently being used as a (small) office even though it has an exterior door that leads to the front of her home. Her and her husband currently  use the side entry off the carport as their 'front' door, but this friend mentioned how she'd like to see this office used differently as they have an extra bedroom (currently being used for extra storage) that the office could be moved to. Here are some inspiration shots for her new entry:

simple= budget friendly!

big impact in a small space!

just enough for their 2-person fam

florals add fem and glam is included with the addition of a chandelier

contemporary and clean

she has talked about the possibility of moving her w&d into the mudroom, and I love how fresh and clean this one looks!

great organization idea for incoming mail and to-dos

w&d under there?

loving this oversized 'welcome' mat!
 plus a great spot to keep their pup's food, water, leashes and toys.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Goodwill Finds


trellis pillows with zippers and like new inserts, by Williamsburg circa 2003: $3.99 each
white whicker basket/tray with handles: $1.99

Later today:

source unknown : (

see those little hooks on the inside of the vanity cabinet door? this is what I am doing. picture coming later today. duh.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Babygirl Love

Cuteness for you lil' cutie:




Today you get to see another one of my 'lovely' photo booth shots. This one is of my breakfast:
Cucumber-Celery Juice

I'm going to add some fennel once I drink it down enough ;).
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