Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Couch Contenders

Because I'm cheap ahem 'frugal' the couches on my list are also 'frugal' finds. But I still want a stylish seat for my tush which makes these couches the most stylish ones I could find without sacrificing the ultra-essential prettiness. Macy's is having a home sale which means you get an extra 10% off these already-on-sale babies. If you read about my unrequited couch saga then you'll know I desperately am longing for a deep gray couch in oh-so-soft and luscious velvet, also you'll recall I only truly have 74" to work with without 'stepping' onto the bamboo trim that separates the tile (to the left the wood stove, and to the right the off-kitchen dinning area) on either side. Here are my top couch contenders:

This is the Chloe Metro Living Velvet Sofa. It is 76" wide and comes in a color called granite which online is not so much the deep shade of gray I'm hoping for but a trip to Macy's will confirm whether it is a good match. It also comes in a larger normal sofa size which are available in additional custom colors, for those of you with ample room to place your your tush cushion.  The normal price is $899. It is on sale for $699 plus an extra 10% which brings us to $630.

Option two is the Tory Apartment Sofa. Regularly priced at oh my gosh, I CAN'T AFFORD THAT!! ($1069). It is on sale for $769 plus an extra 10% off which brings us to $692.10. It isn't available in velvet, insert sad face, but maybe that's a good thing?? With little Ella turning 1 in like, way too soon, and the way she loves to climb over anything she can, maybe the poly/cotton fabric it comes in is a better option.... :(. The good thing about this one is that it is 74" wide and according to a review left, it is 72" from leg to leg. which is a definite pro for us. I also like that that it has no cushions to fluff, and it's just so darned gorge.!. The color pictured is called Charcoal and is a custom color (there are 8) priced at the same price as the non-custom colors.

Z Gallerie makes near identical couches to the Chloe and Tory, but they are too big for my space and are currently a little spendier than these as well.  I'm still in the dreaming stage of couch hunting. Once I find 'the one' at the right price/size/fabric for our lil' fam, I'm hoping we'll have the spare change to make it ours.


  1. I like #2! Just don't get white, itd be bad with Ella! lol

  2. Lol. I do love white. I'm leaning towards the second option as well!


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