Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunshine, Won't You Be My Mother?

My favorite part of the day is in the morning when I realize the blinds are shut and I open them and let the daylight in. I am a huge fan of natural light; it makes me happy. That being said, we currently live in the state of Washington. You know the one with Seattle, and the rep for rain? Although we are about 2 hours away from the metropolitan city, we still see our share of gloomy days. Ironically, the city we live in, Sequim, goes by the nickname Sunny Sequim. It's not intended to be a sarcastic nickname either, it's just that we get the least amount of rain in all of Western Washington, about 16" a year which is supposedly less than Los Angeles. Having lived in Los Angeles for 16 years, I can tell you that that is a dirty lie.

When I open the shades and it is one of those  'sunny' days 3 out of 4 times it is bittersweet. In Sequim, when you see the sun shinning it usually means it's a cold, cold day. This is because there is no cloud cover (aka gloom) so even though the sun is oh so pretty and the sky so clear that it makes you want to go outside and enjoy it, once you (or maybe it's just me?) open the door and go outside you want back in. No, you can not break out the shorts and flip-flops, people will think you to be insane.

Having said all this, we have one window in our bedroom. It is 5'x4' and although I love it so because it brings me light, one is not enough. I want more. I 'd love to just get rid of it so that we can put our sleigh bed on that wall which would lend the floor plan of our bedroom much more usable space, as our bed is currently somewhere in the middle of our room. In place of that window I would put 2 tall windows (maybe 3' x 6') on the wall that is the exterior side of our house. Because, removing the one window we already have would be costly and time consuming since we we'd have to fill in the hole and since we already have new siding on our house, it would look really silly from the outside of the house to have a patch of mismatched in size siding, it would be simpler to just add one or more windows to the room.

Personally, I think bedrooms with tall windows on either side of the bed look amazingly dreamy. Here are some examples of what it may look like with one or more windows on either side.

Top image from
Bottom image from

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