Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ella A., I adore you!

Totally saved $$ on Ella's birthday invitations today by doing the graphic art ourselves (And by 'ourselves' I mean Michael, who intervened as I was about to purchase invitations on Etsy) and having them printed at Staples... total cost $16.01 for 12 invitations ( $11.45 for the printing/cutting/file conversion, $4.56 for envelopes bought at Doodlebugs for 35 cents/ea plus tax)! Would have spent $55.50 for 20 (min. amount allowed including design, invitations, envelopes and shipping to me). 

Total savings= $39.49

Then again, if I was less picky I could have driven over to Walmart and gotten some for maybe 5 bucks or drawn some and made envelopes out of paper and double-sided tape that we have at the house... unfortunately I was pretty stuck on a certain theme and wanted the invites to match my "vision" :).

Can't wait to get everything together and done for the party and post pictures after the event!


  1. oooh whats the theme?! I saw this cute theme at michael's. It was like an old fashioned circus theme.

  2. The theme is Ella-phants and pink polka dots. I odered her a pink polka dot Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair for her birthday so I wanted the decor to match :).


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