Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ring Around The Posey

Costco had this great deal on primroses, 15 for $10.99 so with a little pleading I convinced the Mister to let them be mine. We both knew we really didn't have anywhere to put them anywhere he'd let me put them, but once they were home living on our dinning table next to the baseboard heater starting to wilt, we came to the conclusion they could go out on the easement beside our line of trees. So off I went to plant them when the Mister said he thought they should be in a circle around the address marker. I took this literally and mapped out a circle for them, then showed him. He said he meant the term circle loosely but I told him it was too late (it obviously wasn't, but just wanted them in), and planted them. So now they live there! Yay for our flowers and their new home.

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