Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh What A Colorful World!

Wen to the paint shop with the mister today to visit his favorite paint salesperson Kelly over at Rhodda Paint. We picked up a gallon of paint in Classic Burgundy by Benjamin Moore that we had color matched, and will be painting our front door in the near future.
We are also looking into getting a magnetic kick plate for the front door in Satin Nickel (this is the hardware finish we have throughtout our home) to cover up a few dents made by skateboarding into the door and also to jazz it up a bit. I am currently "working my magic" as the mister likes to call it, finding the lowest price possible for the kick plate we'd like. So far, the low price leader, which can be found here, has it at $58.00 plus $9.95 s&h. Anyone seen them around for cheaper?

We will be getting the 8"x34" size for our 36"wide door, and again are opting for magnetic mounting so that we won't have to screw the kick plate into the door which can lead to rusting.

When we are done our front door will look something like this:

The exterior paint color of the house will be medium gray. Below you can see the impact of the red door, white trim, and grey house combo:

To complete our entry, I'd love to add a pair of boxwoods or some other pair of potted low maintenance greenery to frame the door.

All images from Your Nest Design

Also, to read more about choosing the right door color for your home you can visit Your Nest Design and see more great color options!

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  1. The combination of colors is very relaxing to the eyes. It is simple yet elegant. The colors red and white make a great combination. The red seems physically powerful and emphasizes having white as its background.


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