Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Times, They Are A Re-Arrangin'

Ella's room has been getting a bit of a facelift by means of some new furniture arrangements and additions.

This is what it looked like a couple weeks ago:

And this is where we are so far:
The pennant banner is something I made for under $3. ( I promise to do a how-to post on this and give you details on how to make your own for this price as well!) It was supposed to say "Happy 1st Birthday Ella" (notice how there are exactly enough pennant flags for each letter?) and then I was going to flip it over to use in her room, but I ran out of time before her party and never got the letters up. I'm not quite certain if it will stay on this side of the room yet, but for now it will do.

Ella's changing table switched walls and is now located on the other side of the room, which I am not done with quite yet, but I will do a post on when the layout on that side starts to make sense.

There's the ottoman (not yet reupholstered) and the rocking chair showin' it's true color. The fan got moved to here, but.... I'm not sure I'm lovin' it.

These wallpaper letters are the ones from Land of Nod and they used to hang above her window, but since I have plans for drapes to go up I'm not sure where we will find a home for them just yet.... maybe above her closet?....

Ella's window is still naked, save for the faux wood blinds. I have the fabric I'd like to use for them, but they're shear and have a pattern, and I promised the mister that I'd back all of the drapery in our home in white blackout material since he has a thing about homes that appear to have mis-matched draperies from the outside of the home. Also, the blackout fabric will help the bug and I to sleep at night since we are both a tad light-sensitive.

This mirror is something we snagged at the Home Depot for 35 beans. It was a second choice as they discontinued the one I had originally had my heart set on.  It took the place of Ella's "My First Year" calendar, literally. I just hung it up on the small nail that was holding the calender as a temporary fix even though it came with a substantial nob type hanger. 

The wicker toy chest you see in the first picture is still in that same spot, beside the window. It's not my favorite thing to to look at when I first step in the room or walk by (it's located directly in front of the door) but I'm having trouble finding another spot for it that still gives the bug enough room to pull out her toys and play with them in front of the toy chest.

The reason for all of these happenings is that I have never really finished her nursery and I told myself i wanted to at least have Ella's chair painted, drapery up, and a rug for her room by her first birthday. So far I'm obviously not done and have exceed my deadline, but it is still important to me and I hope to make her room a place that is fun to be and nice to look at.

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