Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Ella got a new lighting fixture! (Sort of.) It's new to us. It came from my mom's house who is moving out of state :(. I have always loved this fixture and am so excited that Ella owns it now. My mom and my husband tried to convince me otherwise, but I really wanted it for her and it turned out that they both really liked it in her room once it was up. The Mister even said it looked great.  She's been needing a new fixture not because the one she had was faulty but because it just didn't "go". It was a fixture we got for free from a neighbor years before she was born. It was a cool fixture just not really for us, and definitely not for Ella's nursery.

We had been looking into getting one, but we didn't know when that may happen because the ones we were interested in were at least a couple hundred dollars. I am so happy we didn't end up having to dish out all that money to update the lighting in Ella's room to something that we'd like.
I couldn't find a picture of the old one, the reason being, I always made an effort to make sure it wasn't in the shot when ever I'd take pictures of Ella's room, but we had to take one to list it on Craigslist and didn't before it came down so here is a shot of it that was taken while the Mr. held it up:
And this is her new fixture:
 All those lights (5 bulbs) really make her room bright. Ella's room already has the best natural light in the house, but now it's also got the best lighting at night time too.

Here's a shot of it in her room, all lit up, pre-pennant banner:

It's definitely girly, but that's just perfect, she is a baby girl after all!

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