Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lookey at what I found!

This awesome ottoman for only $7.99 at Goodwill.

I do plan to reupholster it. I love the plush fabric but it needs some cleaning and it just doesn't mesh well with what we have now. I'm thinking a darker color to hide stains, and maybe something stain-resistant as well.... it's on casters which I have debated removing and replacing with table legs but I like it mobile and Ella does too. The mister is worried the casters that are on it will scratch up our bamboo flooring but it may just find a home in Ella's room for good and if it does I'm thinking hot pink velvet 'cuz girl needs some color in her mainly-white-furniture nursery.

Also... I am in the process of painting her rocking chair. I meant to ages ago when I got it as my Christmas present from the in-laws back when I was still pregnant with the bug, but never got around to it. I figured I would paint it white (I'm slightly obsessed with this non-color color), but now I have a vision for it. It's almost done being primed and I have boughten the paint and if all goes well it will be done tomorrow.

Also 2 big things happened today. the first and most awesome is not really home-related: Ella walked! In this house.. she took steps. So there, it's house related. The second awesome thing that happened today you will have to wait for a post on it! I promise it's that amazing.

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