Monday, July 25, 2011

A new, old table

This weekend we....

bought this:

sold this:

and brought home this:

We are loving our grill!
I have had grilled veggie burgers 3 nights in a row.
So far I have also grilled pinapple and onion for my burgers.

As for the tables,
it is bittersweet to see that old table go.
I have loathed it for some time, BUT I have a small sentimental attachment to it as it has been the table our little family gathers around every night.
Also, every morning (since she's been able to run) Ella runs to the the table for breakfast right after I get her up.
This morning she ran, but there was no table there.

The new, old table was my mom's. You may not be able to tell from the photo, but the table top is not solid wood.
I have plans to paint it white like Miss Mustard Seed's or a weathered gray a la Restoration Hardware,  distress it, and recover the seats.
I'd love something luxe like linen BUT
we have a one year old.
So I'm thinking we need something durable, and stain-resistant if not wipeable.
Maybe leather? Leather is usually not my thing but it's wipeable, right?

I really don't want to sacrifice my vision or style for practicality's sake, so we'll what kind of compromise we can come up with!

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  1. I covered our chairs in whatever fabric I wanted but covered Alexa's (when she was a baby) with the same and a top cover of clear plastic to wipe it off. It looked the same as the others and was cleanable!


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