Thursday, July 21, 2011


Good morning peeps! Today I am brainstroming ideas for a mudroom/entry/foyer, and no, it is not mine. It is a friend's who has an awesome little spot in her home that is currently being used as a (small) office even though it has an exterior door that leads to the front of her home. Her and her husband currently  use the side entry off the carport as their 'front' door, but this friend mentioned how she'd like to see this office used differently as they have an extra bedroom (currently being used for extra storage) that the office could be moved to. Here are some inspiration shots for her new entry:

simple= budget friendly!

big impact in a small space!

just enough for their 2-person fam

florals add fem and glam is included with the addition of a chandelier

contemporary and clean

she has talked about the possibility of moving her w&d into the mudroom, and I love how fresh and clean this one looks!

great organization idea for incoming mail and to-dos

w&d under there?

loving this oversized 'welcome' mat!
 plus a great spot to keep their pup's food, water, leashes and toys.

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  1. LOVE all these images!! So glad to meet you (: When did you graduate from SPU? What did you major in?? I'd love to chat with you! Feel free to email me at (:



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