Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Sneak Peak

You may have noticed from this post that the front exterior of our home is gray, this is a fairly recent project as for the past 6 years it has been more of a buttery yellow. I wanted to wait until it was complete, but I think I'll give you all a sneak peak at our house. The painting is not done yet,  but I wanted to show you the progress that has happened.
Taping off the front door

The house in the process of being prepped for painting

Being painted: first coat on!

As for the whole front yard and front exterior of the house here is what we have planned at this point:

Within the next few months

-the front door now red, needs another coat, as well as the front and one side of the house 
-the back of the house and the other side of the house will be re-sided 
-the back and remaining side of the house will get 2+ coats of paint

-remove ivy from driveway (We have already attempted to kill it twice! See it in the pic above?)
-pour concrete on front right side of house
-pour concrete walkway from upper driveway parking all the way to backyard
-place 2 potted round boxwoods on either side of front door
-add kickplate to front door

Eventually (sooner than later, we hope)

-do something about the porch wood posts -we haven't decided what yet, I'm liking the idea of rock or stone columns, the mister is thinking concrete, or??
-add stone/ rock to bottom portion of front of house

-replace gravel easement driveway and parking with concrete
-remove current railroad posts and create (concrete?) retaining wall for upper parking

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