Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My "it" List

It's May... the sun is shinning, though still a tad windy outside it helps to see the light and bright blue sky, May is a good month. This May brings my second Mother's Day as a mother (Ella was less than 3 weeks old last Mother's Day) and my 25th birthday.... ugh. I feel so old, like the oldest 25 year old ever. I know 25 is not old, but I am. I've always felt years, even decades, older than I am.  Anyway, just for giggles here's my wish list as it is present season for me, at least in my head!

1. A canvas for painting. Lately I've had a hankering to create some art for our house. Buying art is usually pretty spendy, and since we have many nude walls in our house I'd love to dress them up with some colorful art. I'm thinking a blue background painting of a lemon or bowl of lemons or maybe even a lemon tree in 24 x 36 for our dinning area and a large fuchsia flower for our bedroom, or bathroom, or I don't know where, but somewhere! And maybe something with this quote on it (this one is by Etsy seller Raw Art Letterpress, just because it makes me feel good :).

2. A subscription to a shelter mag. Maybe House Beautiful? Or Canadian House and Home?

3.Two of these wicker baskets. They are the perfect size to fit a load of laundry in and to slide one into each side of our closet in between the hanging clothes and the carpet. They are only $18 a piece at Walmart but for some reason I can't seem to get the cahoonies to buy them myself.

4. This book. Vuilliard is my favorite. Ever. I've been wanting this book for a good 5 or 6 years now. Unfortunately the price has gone up dramatically since then :(. I remember it being around $60 the first time I looked it up and now a used paperback cover is $89 on Amazon, and a new hardcover cover $475...eek!

6. Simple silver-plated frames like these. To (finally!) put up some wedding photos and favorites of the bug.

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