Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pretty Clean

So! A lot has happened in this house since I blogged last week. The washer and dryer came yesterday. Yay! Today I found a beyond awesome hugemongous wicker basket with a lid at the goody goods Goodwill. It has been johnny rigged so that the lid is attached to the basket on one side enabling it to open and close like a chest.  Like the amazingly bright and ever-remembering person I am, in my excitement I forgot to take a snapshot. It is waiting for me at Goodwill, and I will go pick it up tonight as soon as I can locate a Valpak Goodwill coupon ('cause I'm cheap like that).
In other house news, on Thursday I bought the shower curtain I had written about last week. I brought it home and noticed there was a stain on it but ran it through the dryer (my lazy girl trick for getting wrinkles out), then hung it up. I decided that I couldn't live with the stain, so I returned it and got one without a stain the next day. I also got a new heavy duty mildew resistant shower liner for $10. We have gone through 3 of these and the last 2 I bought for only a buck fifty each, but they got super icky and gross within a week so we needed one B-A-D. Without further ado, for your viewing pleasure.

Gorgeous, no?

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