Monday, January 17, 2011

Paint the bedroom Gray! ....?

Went to Home Depot today to check out their selection of paint color cards. Found a couple keepers and stuck them on a wall in our bedroom. I'm leaning towards a lighter grey color but am also thinking about a cool light aqua blue. Will have to see what the mister thinks about my color selections when he gets home!
Not sure when we'll paint yet, the mister wants to wait until after we have remodeled the bathroom to get the trim up and painted as well as the walls painted in our room... I'm thinking now is a good time to paint since the bathroom remodel may or may not happen within the next few months. The goal of the light grey or aqua is to create a lightness in the room. Overall I'm hoping to create a calming, spa-like feel to the room. At the moment, the room is semi-dark, and our heavy cherry wood bed frame really doesn't help.
To help contribute to a lighter, brighter feeling I am aiming to add very light colored or white sheer drapes, and light aqua blue bedding and white sheets. If we go with blue walls though, we'll probably switch out the colors so that the bedding is grey. We also need new night stands and I'm thinking metal, maybe brushed nickel with glass tops, only because I don't want to add to the heaviness of the room with more dark furniture.
Here is a peek at our wall color now with the color cards up above our bed frame. What do you think?

The colors from top to bottom are: Harmonious, Sparrow, Pewter Mug, Pebble Grey, Light French Gray, Rocky Mountain Sky, Gentle Rain, and Purpoise. Pebble Gray is by Glidden, all others from the Behr Premium Plus Collection.

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