Monday, January 10, 2011

A Fresh Sheet

A Fresh Sheet

Welcome! And Happy New Year! To start things off I think I'll begin by sharing my "resolutions" of sorts for the new year.

1. Start a blog (done!)

2. Work on my abs and drop 10 pounds. After giving birth in April, my stomach could definitely use a little toning.

3. Spend more quality time with Ella and Michael and remind myself that it's quality that's important. Quantity will only get you so far.

4. Spend time expanding my knowledge and quality of life. Whether that includes a Pilates class, taking a photography course, or going to a Bible study.

5. Read more books. The library is a great resource that many of us don't tap. Instead of buying that celebrity biography, why not check your local library's selection online and reserve a copy for pickup? It'll save money for those awesome coffee table books you really want that will get looked at time and time again and add style and interest to your living room.

6. Watch my mouth and think before I speak. 'Nuff said.

7. Make our house our home. I've lived with my husband in this house for about 3 years now, and after commuting 5-8 hours each day to school in Seattle the first year of our marriage, commuting 1.5 hours to work the second, and finally being home most days now raising our 8 month old, Ella, I now have the time (and hopefully the resources) to further furnish and remodel this house of ours the way that will work best and be a place we can relax, tidy up with ease, and entertain.

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