Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unrequited Love

So... let me tell you my recent sad sofa story. 2 days after Christmas, I decided to look at Craigslist's furniture section... just for kicks ya know? Not really thinking I'd find anything that would be a good match for my living room to replace our current love seat/sleep sofa. Well man oh mighty was I wrong! Lo and behold, a gorgeous, modern looking, Pottery Barn love seat in charcoal colored velvet upholstery for a measly $125 beans. No, that was not a typo. The Pottery Barn Greenwich love seat in Grade D fabric, which retails for $1749 plus $80 shipping plus taxes. It was beautiful and I was in love. To make it even more perfect is the fact that between the trim separating our wood stove, and the trim separating the tile and door leading to our garage we have exactly 74 3/4" to work with. Our current love seat is 58" and rocks some massive armrests, leaving our seating space between them at 40". The Greenwich love seat is 71" and sports some sleek and slender armrests which would give us 13" not including all the extra space between those armrests, which would be much more comfortable than our current hand me down couch.
Back to the posting, I emailed the seller even though I highly doubted that the love seat of my dreams at my dream price would still be around since it had been a whopping 6 days since the seller had posted it. Well, 2 hours later, she emailed me back. It had just been picked up that day. I was devastated. Unrequited love.
Which has lead me to scouring Craigslist every night before bed in hopes that someone, preferably within an hour's drive of me, will post a new couch I fall in love with that will be mine someday.

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