Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Choice

We chose our washer! And... our dryer! We decided to take the plunge and get both now since our local Home Depot had the set we wanted ( the LG wm2101hw and the dle2101w, where we learned that the dryer has a 7.3 cu ft capacity) and on sale for $598 from $699, and were having a 10% off all appliances sale, plus they were willing to match Best Buy's price ($10 less, at 529.99) and give us an additional 10% off of the matched price in order to 'beat' Best Buy's price by 10%. So after all the math, we ended up with the washer and dryer at $476.99 a piece. They also offered (after we asked) to match and beat by 10% the price of the matching pedestals if we could find a competitor who had them for less. Home Depot's price was $229 a piece. We came home and did a little internet digging but couldn't find a viable contender that was at a good enough price for us to rationalize spending $300+ more on top of what we already did, but since we wanted to have an extra lift and have to bend down less, and because we have our in the garage and we're pretty sure it's the law around here to have 'em at least 12" off the ground, we decided that we would make a wooden pedestal ourselves. Well, Michael would. So there you have it. They are coming to install them on Tuesday and I will take pics of the pedestal step Michael is making on the cheap as well as our new washer and dryer set and more info on this set in case you are interested.

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