Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Project 1

Here was my inspiration pin:
via European Chic Design by way of Ideal Home

And here is the final result:

How we did it:

I took a piece 1 x4 mdf trim that we had laying around the house and told Michael that I wanted to turn it into a coat rack with some mismatched knobs from a $1 ea. knob bin at our local custom cabinet shop. While I was at the cabinet shop picking out knobs (which they said I could have for free, yay!) Michael took a router (roman odgee) and made an edge detail on the mdf trim piece. He then took some of Ella's Melissa and Doug refrigerator magnets and traced them then carved out the letters with a 6mm straight router bit. He also attached the knobs, primed and painted the board with paint we had and painted the letters by dropping in Martha Stewart's Ballet Slipper Pink which was a sample pot purchased for Ella's dollhouse and hung it up in Ella's room.

The whole project ended up not costing us anything. Since the knobs were free I got another 5 knobs not shown since they were still in wrapping and had screws included them so we were able to use the screw from those since the random ones I picked for Ella's coat rack didn't include any.

Knobs and screws: free for me and here's what you should do go to a cabinet or hardware shop that is locally owned and see if the have any that have been taken off of old cabinets or that they don't have enough of to sell for a whole cabinet project. They will probably give them to you!

Mdf board: free since we had a piece too small to use, and you could use any piece of wood or trim you have or go to home depot and look for the scrap bin and get one for around $1

Paint: already had but you could just use craft paint or sample pots for $1-3 a piece.

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Thanks for poping over to my site guys!


  1. such a nice and creative idea :) i love it!
    really nice blog you have here, dear :))


  2. How precious! I love projects like this that take advantage of what you already have on hand. Great job, and thanks for linking up with the Winter Pinterest Challenge!

    Erin @ The Great Indoors


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