Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ella A. is turning 2!

That headline up there is kind of a scary statement. Ella's second year has passed SO much quicker than her first and I know it must feel that way because I have worked twice as much this year than I did last.... which still only comes out to about 20 hours a week, but still!

Anyway, because the party won't be at our house this year and we will be traveling for it I've decided to make it fairly simple and to to spend less than we did last year on decor. I have a ton of tissue paper purchased for our wedding decor nearly 4 years ago and as such have been pinning like a mad women tissue paper decor. I also have some crepe paper that I purchased for her first birthday but never used. Here's what I'm thinking:









but more like this


Garden Party!

So here's what I'm thinking...

Things to make pre-party:
tissue paper garland or crepe banner
number 2 pinata... I think Ella would love this even though there won't be any kids at her party... hmm something to think about, maybe just a number 2 without candy in it and just hung on the door or backdrop to the banquet table as decor
tissue paper branches or topiaries
paper butterflies or flowers to glue to straws

Things to buy before we get there:
Chintz-y floral fabric to use as a tablecloth=  $10ish?
Cake and cupcake mix and frosting= $5
Birthday candles= $2
straws and cups=$2
disposable plates and silverware (we may have some leftover from last year...)= $3

Things to gather:
glass jars from home to put fresh garden flowers in
platters to put food on (reuse the ones we purchased for her first birthday party)
pitchers and drink stand
tea bags

Things to buy there:
Fresh garden flowers= $20ish (maybe i'm being a tad too hopeful?)
Fresh berries to top cake and cupcakes with= $10
bread and fillings for sandwiches=$15
lemons and sugar for lemonade= $5?

Things to make once we are there:
Cake and cupcakes
strawberry lemonade
sweet tea

Total= $72

I'm not quite sure where we will have the party... I don't want to impose on any relative's house with my decor and ideas and make them feel pressured to clean their home for company so I am thinking I will have to look into a restaurant setting. A park would be ideal but the weather there is in low 60's in April so that would be a bit risky... ideas are welcome at this point!

There are tons more ideas that I'm still throwing around on my 'Ella Party' board.


  1. have it at our house! Id try to drive home!!!

  2. lol I guess I erased the part where I wrote how we are going to have it in.... WALLA WALLA! God willing :). Know of any good places we could have it there? I was thinking Grandma Sandee's but then again I don't want to make anyone upset over my ambitious decor so I was thinking maybe somewhere in town.


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