Monday, March 26, 2012

Ella's Toddler Room Progress

The drapes are not done... :(. Party foul on my part but we did buy a drapery rod with clear crystal finials on each end, the only problem is that I'm not loving the finish of the metal rod. It's a dark, dark color and all of the hardware in the rest of our home is finished in satin nickel. I have an idea to fix this so we'll see how it turns out.

This print has been hung:

As well as the bug's new coat rack which I completed in time for the Pinterest Challenge:

This corner of Ella's room aka the 'reading nook' is starting to take shape:

Sometimes a photograph can help you detect what's wrong... Upon clicking a shot, it became very apparent that Ella's open concept closet needs a little de-cluttering and styling overhaul. Don't judge:

Ella-bug turns 2 in 3.5 weeks and I'd like to have all the projects dunzo (minus the paint job I have yet to discuss with the Mister) by then!

Left to do:

finish sewing drapery- free already own 
makeover the drapery hardware and hang drapery- already purchased for $16.99
de-clutter and restyle Ella's closet- free (use exsisting items)
either purchase an easel or play table -or- diy or purchase a play kitchen as her birthday gift- $15-$138
paint the room- $30ish
make some heart art- free I already have a spare small canvas and paint
sew a new crib skirt(the one we have no longer fits since I've dropped down Ella's crib so that she can't climb out)- free we already own the fabric I plan to use
list and sell Ella's beloved Wendy Bellissimo crib bedding (tear) on Ebay to help fund this:
purchase a rug for the room.

And here's a shot of her bedroom inspiration board I made up again:

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  1. New follower here! LOVE how her room is turning out! We're moving to a new house soon so I love getting new ideas for my step-daughter's room.

    xo Rachael


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