Monday, March 12, 2012

10 Year Plan

I'm pretty much positive I'm in the midst of a mid-life crisis at the age of 25. Lately, I've felt like a nomad with no direction. I keep grasping for inspiration and passion but feel stifled in this little town where if you want opportunity in the world of design you have to make your own. This is why I think blogging is so important to me, it's a release but even more so, it's a chance to share in other's life experiences in the design world by reading about what they are doing.

Have you ever heard the saying "When you make plans God laughs"? God has His own plan for you, and He gives you your specific gifts for a reason.

I honestly don't know if it has been my own decisions that have led me to where I am or if I'm in a stage of God's plan for me. Call me a control freak but I feel so much more comfortable with a plan, and an end game to keep in mind and keep me working hard towards that goal.

Last night, I started a powerpoint slide with a year by year plan for my professional goals. Who does that? Me. I've done it before, but on paper. I feel somewhat better. I still don't have it all figured out (I have alternate scenarios listed on each slide and only got to year 4), but at least it's given me a little clarity and it's something to look back at and see that although I may be a ways away from my goals, I'm on track and the most important thing I do right now is take care my little family and relish in these first years of Ella's life.

First ride in Momma's car in her forward-facing car seat.
A milestone hit! 

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