Friday, June 24, 2011

Our House

Happy Friday people! I know for lots of you Friday means the end of a work week so to commensurate that I've put together some of my dreaming (which is what every post basically is) into an organized spot. These give or take a shade variance or two, are the wall colors I'd like to paint in my house (all I need to do is convince the mister of how amazing these colors are!)

Living Room and kitchen dining wall:
Benjamin Moore Twilight

this was the inspiration photo for the color which I'n not sure of the actual color (and I don't think I'm getting it right just yet) but looks like a textured wallpaper:
source unknown :( sorry peeps!

will stay the same! This color is only on one wall but I love it! To me it's a deep muted eggplanty-purple to the Mister it's brown. You can see both colors in it and for some reason, it makes me happy.
It is a Ralph Lauren color which is what all the rooms in our house are right now except for the bug's room. I'm not sure of the name (only the numbers are on the can) but I will call and find out and let you all know.

Benjamin Moore Peppermint

Master Bedroom
Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
or some  shade of light gray?? I am liking this one and think I just need to take the plunge and paint!


Benjamin Moore Onyx

Hall and Entry:
Benjamin Moore Decorator's White


Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

Subtle Stripes! A la Three Men and a Lady : )

.... and that's all folks! Really, The main level of our home has 2 bedrooms (bought it with 3 but the Mister made it into 2 larger rooms plus a larger walk-in), a full bathroom, hall, entry, kitchen, off kitchen dining, and living room.

Are these colors super crazy together? These are the colors I want, but want to make sure I can figure out some kind color flow room-to-room before changing the walls which may require a few alterations in my color plan.

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