Monday, June 27, 2011

New Things

A lot is happening over here... which is why I am getting to this post so late in the day. Last week I covered my bulletin board using cotton muslin and brass thumb tacks to get the "nailhead" look. It looks awesome but I'd still like to wrap the edges in trim, most likely silk leftover from our silk drapery that is still on the to-do list for me to sew up.
Last week I also got started on a refinish job I am hoping to do on my mom's old dresser. She recently moved to California and I inherited her dresser and dinning room table and chairs. So far, I have used tarn-x, goop off, paint thinner, and lacquer thinner to try to get a white substance off of the brass finish of the dresser hardware. The lacquer thinner was the only thing that got it off so I'm guessing that white 'substance' was indeed, lacquer : ). I've got a great shot of one knob pre-lacquer removal and another post, but since my usb ports are still out you will have to wait until another day to see it.
Another thing I did last week was reorganize our linen closet. This prompted us to decided to turn our entry way closet that is currently without doors and houses a bench with coat hooks into a coat closet/pantry. We haven't started constructing it yet, and I think we will put the bench up for sale before we do and use the proceeds to help fund the cost of the materials for the project.
One thing that did get started and is {almost} done now is our front porch posts! Today the mister wrapped them and primed them. All they need now is a coat of paint or two. We hung up our house numbers for they first time, our house has been without them (save for some drawn on with caulking) for over 6 years. I'm not sure what took us so long to hang them up as we've had some purchased and sitting in our garage for a few years now.
The front of the house is really shaping up. In the past 3 months, it's been painted, has has new shingles put up on one of the gables, has gotten a pop of red paint on the front door, and now has gorgeous address numbers centered on the front gable as well as wrapped posts.
The mister also manged to kill the rest of the ivy covering our containing wall and removed it to reveal the railroad ties beneath. This has really opened up our front yard and makes not only our yard, but our parking space seem larger. It also lends more visibility of our home from the road.
I know this is a lot of talking {writing} but like I said, a lot has been going on. That's why I've been posting more pretty pictures and less about our home as explaining all these happenings takes more time than I've had as of late with all these projects going on, but now that I've briefed you all, I promise to share pics and details soon!

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