Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Style Vignettes, Part 1

This is how our entry console/ mail center currently looks:

The sunnies in the middle are holding the place of the ones I actually use as they are M.I.A. at the moment.

vintage mail scale

checkbooks, stamps, tape, calculator

pens and such in a vase 

a quick meal plan

The Mr.'s business cards in an acrylic card holder that matches the post-it note pad holder

The white bead board piece currently holds notepads and the bottom has shelves filled with kitchen towels which the bug has a habit of going through and throwing them all onto the floor. I'm thinking I need a new place for my kitchen towels, maybe the towels all rolled up in a basket sitting on the kitchen counter? I'd like to move this piece elsewhere (maybe the kitchen, or paint it in chalkboard paint and put it in Ella's room to use as a nightstand), and get a new, larger console. I have my eye on a mirrored piece, but am debating whether one can have too much mirrored furniture in a home...

The shelf and mirror have been there FOREVER, like at least since 4 years ago forever, because when I met my husband they were there! However the sunnies on the shelf are a new addition and I'm really loving the quirky family reference they make, plus how practical is it that they are right by our front door now? No more searching for them last minute before we head out to the lake.

See the glitter letters? Those spell out our last name and I believe are from the Mr.'s aunt ( a professional photographer, whose work has been in Sunset and Real Simple magazines, among others, check her out here) and have also been there since before I met the Mr. I have to say I really dig them. I'm big on monograms and personalization (we also have a custom jeweled letter L that lives in our living room that was the topper to our wedding cake, and Ella has some awesome wallpaper letters of her name in her nursery). These hang above the entry to our galley kitchen, and directly next to our little mail/entry center.

Lastly, here is the chalkboard ( for those of you who didn't guess) the day I finished it:

and to keep it real, here's what it looks like now ;) :
Up top is a menu list I started but didn't finish, and below is a family portrait. Not bad, eh?

This are close ups because our kitchen nook is currently almost entirely empty since we've been living without a dining set. I have plans to complete the one we got from my mom by the end of next week as we will be having house guests the following weekend and throughout the week.

Tomorrow I will share with you how I've styled the French Provincial dresser I refinished (save for lining the drawers and a little touch-up paint, it's done). It is currently making it's home in our bedroom right next to our bed. Come back for that little diddy tomorrow!

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