Monday, August 15, 2011

90 sq. ft. Bathroom

It has long been our dream to turn our current sole- 36 sq ft bathroom, entry closet and spare master bedroom small walkin closet into one master bathroom. This will give us a space that is a 9' 1" by 9' 9"on the inside, not too shabby!! Since it is the only bathroom (at the moment) we need to get what everyone needs and wants into this bathroom. 

The Mr. is set on having a walk-in shower with glass surround while I am adamint that this does cause us to sacrifice a bath tub, leaving us with only a 3/4 bath and no more lavender soaks for me or bubble baths for the bug! My dream would be to have a second story deep whirlpool corner tub with windows but since that is a project for a whole other house (I don't want to look out to my front yard, or have our neighbors look into my bathroom while I take a bath since our home is a single story), I want to at least make sure we have a bath tub in addition to the Mr.'s walk-in shower. 

I used to think that this was for sure an impossibility, but then I watched the episode of Season 2 of Sarah's House where Sarah transforms her approx. 90 sq. ft. (she said it was about 9' x 9') "high" bathroom into a room with a 60" vanity, walk-in glass surround shower, tub and toilet. Just like us, this was the only bathroom on the main level so it needed to have everything everyone in the family needed. Given, the shower wasn't huge-mongous and it didn't have a head on either side (another request from the Mr.) but it was definitely roomy enough, and had the gorgeous all-glass surround($$$!) that the Mr. loves so much.

Let's take a look a Sarah's high bath from Season 2 of Sarah's House:

I wish there were more pictures available. This bathroom is beyond gorgeous and just about perfect for us and our home, not only in size but in function. Sarah spent just over $18k on this bathroom, but since my Mr. is a builder, and there is no way we'd get that much in return on investment for a bathroom like this in our home I'm thinking we could get the look and feel of this bathroom for much much less without sacrificing high end details and style. 

 A great rule of thumb is that labor is approximately the amount of materials. So, if you were to get a bid for $18k on a bathroom your whole cost would be about $9k if you did it all yourself, however depending on the details you may still need to hire out someone who specializes in certain aspects such as marble cutting (the custom vanity top) and glass door and wall installation (the walk-in shower), as well as plumbing and electrical. Simpler tasks such as tiling a floor or wall and painting furniture and walls are a great way to save shave off a bit of that $18k price tag.

While looking at floor plans for bathrooms I came across Kohler's site ( go there and look around, you can even see the rooms in 3D if you are not using a Mac like me) which has a good number of spaces ranging from 24 sq ft all the way up to 335 sq ft. (Um, hello! Bigger than our master bedroom!) I found one that was close to mine in dimensions:

9' 0" by 9' 6"
85 sq. ft. floor plan

I do like Sarah's take on the floor plan better though. Leaving the room without walls and a door separating the toliet and shower gives you more room to maneuver and allows for walk-in shower.

While we are on the topic of bathrooms I want to show you this incredible vanity by Michelle of Ten June. She just finished it and I have to say I am in love. You wouldn't know it by looking at it, but this vanity is $399 at Home Depot, even those gorg knobs can be found there for $4 a piece. Impressive, huh? She and her husband did a great job and I can't wait to see the final unveiling!

I'm sure with this dream currently on my mind, I will have plenty of inspiration, products and ideas to share with you all!

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