Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missoni Madness

There's no other way to explain it. I went mad. I knew I would, it's Missoni's signature pattern at slightly- inflated Target prices. This is what I came away with after 2 shopping cart edits and 1 trip back to the store to do returns. Oh and not pictured, what I ordered online. Yikes...
Fortunately for me, when I got to Target at 8:40 am on Tuesday morning there was still TONS left. In fact the only things I wanted but didn't see (and maybe they weren't available at my store?) were the chevron silk scarf, the sweater coat, and the colored travel tote.
Unfortunately for me, the nearest Target is a whole HOUR a way, each way. Which means $16 in gas just so that I could see these things in person. And another $16 if I want to go back and get anything else or return anything... like that luggage that I got because I felt so special to have had the only one in the store.
This is what happens when you live too far away from civilization! You impulse shop because you kinda feel like you have to. I've got to blame something for this insanity. It can't be entirely my fault, right?

I think my husband is awesome. If I had never met him, I would have bought and kept that piece of luggage no problem. But since I'm married, I hid it in our closet and hoped he wouldn't look in there.

 He did. And this is what he said: "Oh, you got luggage." And he said it cool as a cucumber. Whew. The next day he said this: "My sister said you were going to get rid of the luggage. I think you should keep it."

Miracle of all miracles.

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